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Our Resume Preparation Process

The resume development process is tailored to your needs. You can email your resume with a telephone number and we will call you to discuss your current resume and career goals.


You can use our online questionnaire to provide the initial information that we need.

After the initial information is gathered from your old resume, the questionnaire, or the initial telephone consult, the development stage begins. We will evaluate what is needed for the best possible exposure of your skills, abilities, and accomplishments. We will contact you by email or schedule a confidential phone interview for additional information, whichever works best for you.

After all requested information is received, we will begin writing your resume and creating your Hiring Process documents. Once completed and emailed for your review, you may edit and provide input that will assist us in making your resume the best fit for you and your personality.

After the review and editing process is completed and you have indicated that you are ready, we will create and send your Hiring Process items along with your resume. This entire process generally takes 4 to 5 business days from the day you order. Priority 24 hour turnaround service is also available. Don’t hesitate! Pick up the phone and call us today at 216-739-9670!