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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us to Write Your Resume?

You have about 20 seconds to impress a potential employer… 20 SECONDS! Does your resume rate in the top 5 resumes – out of a stack of 200 – which an employer is going to look at in the next hour? It needs to. We can help.

We have worked with Fortune 500 companies as well as two-man startups to hire their top talent. We are uniquely positioned and qualified to design, review, and improve your resume.

We are not only helping to create your resume. We are in the business of evaluating and critiquing resumes every day with the sole purpose of determining who gets an interview and who does not.

Additionally, because we are a full service recruiting company as well, we are not only creating a document for you that we think may get you an interview. We have created a process — the same process we use to find job opportunities — that utilizes the resume to get you the interview and then guide you step by step through the hiring process to help you get hired! This process, as well as the documents and services that we provide will get results. It is built and designed for you by people who create resumes and determine who gets interviews every day.

It’s Guaranteed!

*If you follow our process we guarantee interviews in the first 30 days or we will rewrite your resume for free OR REFUND YOUR MONEY!

Call us right now or click here to get started and you can have your resume and career advancement info in the next 4-5 business days. Call us at: 888-326-8300

Not sure if your resume is the problem? Start here to get a free resume critique (If it’s good we will tell you to save your money)

* You must show 30 days WRITTEN proof of utilizing this process