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Resume Preparation Services

Why Choose Us

You have about 20 seconds to impress a potential employer… 20 SECONDS! Does your resume rate in the top 5 resumes – out of a stack of 200 – which an employer is going to look at in the next hour? It needs to. We can help.

Free Resume Critique

This is the best and only way to know if your resume is in need of professional attention. With our resume analysis, we test your document using more than 20 different criteria.

Resume Samples

View various sample resumes for job positions including Trainer, CEO, Internet director, Marketing, Sales, and Recent College Grad.

What You Get

It is not just a resume; it’s a guide through the hiring process! View the Hiring Process items and services that you will receive from DAC Company.

Our Process

Our resume development process is tailored to your needs. Learn more about our unique resume development process designed for your success.