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What You Get

Hiring Process Items & Pricing

It is not just a resume; it’s a guide through the hiring process!

Here are the Hiring Process items and services that you will receive:

  • Evaluation of Existing Resume (if it’s good, we’ll tell you to save your money)
  • Career Analysis and Achievement Building Questionnaire (Info gathering so we can create an outline of your resume)
  • One-on-One Phone Consultation and Email Support (clarify and magnify your strengths)
  • Format / Design / Layout of Resume
  • Job Seekers Checklist (a step by step process for identifying potential companies and positions and how to get yourself in front of them)
  • Contact Log (form to track who, where, and when you sent resumes, as well as phone calls)
  • Multiple Follow-up Letters (for follow-up after sending in resume)
  • Customizable Telephone Scripts (for follow-up after sending resume)
  • Helpful Telephone Interview Tips – Interview Handbook (31 pages that explains how to interview and what not to do)
  • Answering the “Tell Me about Yourself” Question
  • Questions for the Hiring Manager
  • Questions the Hiring Manager Might Ask You (You should be ready with an answer to EVERY question)
  • Personalized Thank You Letters (MS Word)
  • Resignation Letters (MS Word)
  • Resume (MS Word and PDF Files)

We guarantee interviews in the first 30 days or we will rewrite for free or refund your money!

Was $399.00
Now $349.00


Don’t be drawn in by those services that can do it on the cheap. If you are not talking to and working with the person that is writing your resume then it’s probably a resume factory outsourcing it to someone else outside the country or using templates. We charge one price and one price only because our goal is to help you advance your career. If you are looking to cut corners we are not the company for you. You need the detailed process and consultation we provide. When you use it, it will yield results – guaranteed!

Have your resume written by a professional resume writer with a real world executive search business today!